Tuesday 21 November 2017

'Grand coalition' option cannot be ruled out

John Downing

John Downing

Micheál Martin's frustration is understandable. But repeatedly saying "No coalition - not with Sinn Féin and not with Fine Gael" will not alter reality. After the election, the Dáil arithmetic will tell all. The least likely outcome of this upcoming election will be another election in its immediate wake. The politicians will make a virtue of necessity and try to make a government out of whatever permutation is given them.

Stand by for a blast of: "I know we of Party X insisted we would not coalesce with Party Y. Now the people have spoken. They have given us this result and told us to make a government of it. They will not thank us if we shirk our duty to provide stable government."

For once, such an evocation of the "national interest" would be justified. General elections are about making a government - and now more than ever we need stable government.

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