Sunday 17 December 2017

A new dawn has arrived for the councils' top brass

John Downing

John Downing

BRACE yourselves, all you old school city and county managers. You may well be about to meet what might at first glance look like the political equivalent of Dublin Zoo heading to your council chamber.

The local councils' managers, engineers and other senior officials are quietly rated by many as some of the most skilled political tacticians in the country. They are also very used to, ultimately, getting their own way. Relatively quickly these officials manage to cajole, flatter, favour and by various other means win over all but the most recalcitrant councillors.

But the sea-change in the intake of the council 'Class of 2014' will prove extremely challenging for the mandarins of our city and county halls. The very high proportion of councillors classified as 'independents' may well make it extremely difficult to have local yearly budgets agreed.

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