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Thursday 22 March 2018

I'm still too attached to my things to downsize

John Masterson: Possesions become a burden
John Masterson: Possesions become a burden

John Masterson

Recently on one of those instant friends-on-a-plane conversations, I met a woman who had become a big fan of downsizing. She was probably about 50, two children grown up and gone from home, and then the divorce. She told me about the sprawling family home with the three huge fridges and cupboards groaning with barely-worn clothes. She decided to move city, go back to work again as a physiotherapist, and live in a two-bedroom apartment. That meant throwing out a horrendous amount of stuff and she was waxing lyrical about how liberating it had been.

Soon I was listing my possessions for a major Done Deal session. Gradually I realised I am still too attached to things. Whether this is good or not I leave to others to decide. At least I knew myself a bit better after the half-hour conversation.

I once attempted to downsize. It began with deciding to get rid of my vinyl LPs . I ended up buying a turntable to convert them to digital and never converted any of them. There is inherent danger in acquiring stuff to get rid of stuff.

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