Thursday 18 January 2018

You can't cure stupid – not even with homeopathy

Better place: Embrace your inner angel
Better place: Embrace your inner angel
Interesting chap: Sam Kutesa
Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

I once spent an afternoon discussing angels with a person who believed she had a celestial lodger who looked out for her. She also believed that if everyone embraced both their inner angel and the practice – or 'ancient art', as she put it – of homeopathy, then the world would be a better place.

Homeopathy is the form of snake oil which sees minute quantities of a particular substance dissolved into water and consumed by the patient. So if you have a stomach bug, you take a tiny dose of something that could cause nausea, reduce it in water and drink it and because the 'water will have a memory' it will cure you. It all seems so obvious!

She was a nice enough person, although clearly unhinged. But she remained dismissive of science as 'part of the big Pharma, corporate conspiracy' and was genuinely convinced that we had the lost 'the old ways' of treating illness. Of course, the fact that the 'old ways' also saw most of the population dying of rickets by the time they were 30 mattered not a jot.

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