Friday 23 March 2018

'X Factor'? It brings tears to my eyes as well

Melanie McCabe, the Irish ex-'X Factor' hopeful
Melanie McCabe, the Irish ex-'X Factor' hopeful
Top of the league: Tommy Robinson, defected leader of the EDL

The increasingly deranged and manipulative twists played on contestants in The X Factor has come under fire recently, and Dr Rick Norris, author of Think Yourself Happy, has criticised the emphasis on blubbing and says: "It seems as though we're becoming obsessed with a sob story rather than someone's genuine talents and passion to become a singer.

This is why TV producers keep upping the ante and adding these cruel twists to their shows. Television programme makers are placing an emphasis on getting high viewing figures."

And in fact it is you, the viewer, who is to blame because: "After a while you are less likely to sympathise with them because you've heard so many. This is why producers have to add so many twists."

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