Sunday 25 February 2018

Why all the bile? Did Jackie hit a nerve?

Jackie Lavin
Jackie Lavin

My, our third level graduates are a bunch of precious little snowflakes, aren't they?

Of course it has always been the prerogative of university students to play the victim card and when they're not doing that they're asserting their superiority over the rest with all the intellectual weight that a Masters in Middle English bestows. But in the wake of the fury caused by Jackie Lavin's comments on Prime Time the other night, seldom has the phrase 'the students are revolting' been quite so apt.

Maybe it's the changing of the cultural guard, where everybody now feels entitled to everything and resents any criticism or slight. On the other hand, maybe it's a sign that we finally have a generation that are prepared to stand up for themselves. That's hardly something we should be moaning about – passive acquiescence and muted grumbling have always been the Irish way, so it'd be nice to think that we have a bunch of young people who won't be trampled on.

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