Wednesday 21 March 2018

The sun is out. Time to panic. It's the Irish way

Burning issue: Sausages are next
Burning issue: Sausages are next

Maybe it's our agricultural history. Maybe it's the fact that the sun only seems to appear for just long enough to remind us of how great it can be before it disappears, once more, in a big huff of dark clouds. But there can be no doubt that when our Big Fiery God in the sky deigns to make an appearance, we collectively lose the plot. And that's no bad thing.

But we must be careful. Because did you know that the sun can give you cancer? I didn't. Thankfully, I heard an ad on the radio warning me about this and I immediately cancelled my plans to slather myself in butter and sit in the sun for eight hours like a rotisserie chicken.

Similarly, did you know that that it's not a great idea to have a big meal and lots to drink before you go swimming? And there was you assuming that having a giant bowl of spuds and a slab of Dutch Gold before going for a nice long swim would actually give you ballast.

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