Saturday 16 February 2019

The far left and the far right - more in common than they like

Far-right and antifa protesters at a demonstration (AP Photo/John Rudoff)
Far-right and antifa protesters at a demonstration (AP Photo/John Rudoff)
Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

It's often been said that the main difference between the far left and the far right is that the left usually has better music and that is true - given a choice between Billy Bragg and, say, Skrewdriver, I'd be with Bragg all the way.

But there are other, more concerning similarities between both groups of political extremists and they should be mentioned more often.

The idea that Antifa are some brave bunch of freedom fighters battling against the scourge of fascism is complete nonsense because they've decided that anyone they don't agree with is a fascist and therefore, an acceptable target of violence (I've had a few threats from them in the last two years and those pampered, purple-haired virgins are welcome to have a go anytime they want).

Likewise, groups like Stormfront were just as quick to threaten their ideological opponents - I've had a few threats from that lot as well, which gratifies me immensely.

Ah, but what else do they have in common apart from trying to bully people?

Well, it's simple - the Jews.

Talk to a far-left person about Israel and the Jews and their arguments will sound almost indistinguishable from their less right-on, more right-wing opponents.

When Richard Spencer and his shower of smug, smirking, actual fascists engaged in their feeble parade through Charlottesville, they didn't have a go at the blacks they hate so much. Or the liberals they despise. Or the women they so obviously fear (the loudest agitators on both sides could really do with a girlfriend to tell them to cop on). Nope, they simply chanted "Jews will not replace us".

As Jeremy Corbyn continues to dig himself into a deeper hole with Britain's Jews this week, the argument has long diverged from legitimate criticism of Israel and into accusations that Jews "don't get British humour", as if they were straight off the boat. Of course, they're just as British as Corbyn and a damn sight more British than many of the Muslims agitators in the Labour Party who love nothing better than sticking it to Chosen People.

Have a look at some of Richard Spencer's comments about Jews and a look at the regular guff that comes from Momentum and Corbyn's other allies and you will find a common thread of Holocaust denial, and a fear and envy of Jews - a combination which, as history shows, seldom ends well for Jewish people. We're all aware of the bogeyman of the alt-right, but left-wing fascism is just as real, and arguably far more dangerous.

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