Tuesday 17 September 2019

Spare us the Hollywood hypocrisy

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

As the Harvey Weinstein story grows more horrible and weird by the day, we're witnessing the collapse of the Hollywood hierarchy.

We're also witnessing levels of hypocrisy which are truly extraordinary.

The reason so many stars remained so quiet for so long is largely down to the fact that Weinstein was one of them - a massive donor to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and a reliable source of funds for every worthy liberal cause.

Even the fact that he helped to fund the anti-Trump 'women's march' adds to the grotesque charade of all concerned. Allowing someone like Weinstein (above)have a role in women's affairs is like allowing Jimmy Savile to wander around childrens' hospitals.

These are examples of what is known in the States as the 'progressive pig-pass'.

In other words, as long as you publicly support - and fund, lest we forget - progressive causes, you can behave with impunity in your private life. That 'pig-pass' is immediately granted to anyone who denounces Trump.

The fact that Weinstein has tried to claim that he is the victim of a conspiracy at the hands of the President is the last desperate throw of the dice by a serial predator who thinks he can still get away with his crimes if he makes all the right noises about the wrong people.

The sheer brazenness and belated outrage of the likes of Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson is a sight to behold.

After all, they were proud to give Roman Polanski a standing ovation at the Oscars a few years ago - yes, the same Roman Polanski who can't return to America because he was found guilty of drugging and sodomising a child.

Even Asia Argento, one of the actresses who has come forward to expose Weinstein as a rapist, was also one who signed a petition for Polanski.

Morality and ethics may be flexible, but in Hollywood, they seem to be merely optional extras.

In survey after survey in America, the only group which regularly receives more contempt than the media is the Hollywood movie business, and that's because people have become sick of being lectured on morality by an industry which is, by its very nature, utterly amoral, but even worse, guilty of mind-numbing double standards.

The bottom line is the only line that counts, and as long as someone is producing the goods and making the right noises on hot-button social issues, they have a form of immunity from criticism and scrutiny.

The gravy train has now well and truly derailed and, if the rumours in some of the American trade papers are true, the next Oscars ceremony is going to feature a lot of empty seats.

Also, maybe people will finally listen to Corey Feldman's story of being raped as a young actor.

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