Monday 22 January 2018

Sinn Féin / IRA – you know who you are

John Downey
John Downey

In times of crisis, panic. That's the human response to troubled times and rational, clear thinking goes out the window as people become so consumed with anger and resentment they make bad choices.

That's why we see so many demonstrably unfit TDs in our national parliament today. Indeed, you only have to look at Mick Wallace's bizarre and juvenile rant at Alan Shatter this week to see how this anger and resentment can propel the most unlikely, and the most unsuitable, people into positions of national prominence.

Wallace, the multi-millionaire property developer with the creative attitude towards paying tax, went off on one against Shatter the other day and whinged: "Minister you look up here at us and you say: 'How dare those people with their long hair and raggy jeans have the audacity to challenge you?'"

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