Tuesday 16 July 2019

Silent Taylor earns herself Swift rebuke

Singer Taylor Swift
Singer Taylor Swift
Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

Well, it's been a tough week for wealthy, blonde, white women. And that's not a phrase you write every day.

With all the static being thrown in Saoirse Ronan's direction (see left), we have missed out another, even more interesting row, which was sparked by Time Magazine's 'Person Of The Year'.

After the usual jousting with Donald Trump, and the tedious back and forth about whether he was even asked to accept the award, the honour instead went to the so-called 'Silence Breakers' of the #MeToo movement.

That's a better choice than Trump, anyway. After all, it's a genuine cultural phenomenon.

Yet one of the women featured on the cover, a woman who successfully sued a man who sexually harassed her and has repeatedly told her fans that they should never accept the unacceptable from any man, has caused consternation with her presence.

In this era of, we are told, new female solidarity, why are so many women enraged at the inclusion of a survivor of sexual assault?

Because that woman was Taylor Swift (above), and it seems that everyone hates her. There's no doubt that the absence of Rose McGowan from the cover was a bad call, and Swift has remained largely quiet on the #MeToo trend. But she allowed her actions speak louder than a hashtag when she took a legal case against an abuser and won.

But it doesn't matter what Swift does, she has been damned by the mob - because she keeps her political opinions to herself. Because she didn't join the likes of Katy Perry on that pathetic Trump hysteria bandwagon, she has been accused of being a white supremacist and a bad, bad feminist.

This is the mob in full flight and a perfect example of the most damaging rally cry in human history and one which precedes every tyranny - either you're with us or you're against us.

It's not as if the singer performed at a pro-Trump rally. She simply kept her mouth shut. Maybe that was because she didn't want to alienate her fans. Maybe it's because she wants to retain an air of old-school mystery about her persona. Maybe she simply doesn't think it's anyone's business. Either way, there was a time when pop singers didn't have to nail their colours to the mast but that time has evidently passed.

There is also a massive and unspoken racial aspect to the hatred displayed towards her.

It's virtually impossible to navigate a search of her name on Google without the words 'white' and/or 'bitch' popping up. What's so impressive about Swift is that she doesn't care, has obviously decided that she's damned either way and treats these morons with the scorn they deserve.

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