Tuesday 16 July 2019

Right, that's it - -We're off

Ireland managed something quite rare and rather gratifying last week -- we actually managed to produce a Eurovision song that didn't make you want to rip off your own eyelids so you could stuff them in your ears to stop the horrible sounds.

Sure, Sinead Mulvey's song may have sounded like a mash up between Blondie and the Go Gos with Shep Pettibone producing, but since when has that ever been a bad thing?

It wasn't exactly power pop at its best, but it certainly wasn't the worst thing you've ever heard.

But with the mind-numbing predictability, Ireland yet again failed to make the grade.

And while the likes of the McCalls, and the people who sang that song written by John Waters -- bet you can't remember their name, either -- and, of course, the appallingly received Dustin effort, we're never going to set Europe alight, Mulvey's elimination is proof of one thing: we need to pull out of this pile of rubbish as soon as possible.

Why? Well, for a start, isn't this competition called Eurovision? Doesn't that imply European involvement rather than a bunch of makey-uppy Eastern bloc car parks?

Now we have a bunch of countries that didn't exist a decade ago who, having stopped slaughtering each other, try to make amends by voting for each other.

And since when is Azerbaijan, of all places, part of Europe?

AzerbloodyBaijan? Are they serious? A country where the traditional form of courtship is kidnapping the woman and forcing her into marriage?

The sooner we realise that Europe stops at the gates of Vienna, the better off we'll all be.

But think of this -- it's mildly amusing to see this kind of voting in the Eurovision, but it's not so funny when you think this is how the United Nations now works.

Time to go ...

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