Tuesday 21 November 2017

Now that was a tasty wabbit. And it made a good glove puppet

Jeanette Winterson's cat enjoys some of the rabbit. Photo: Twitter
Jeanette Winterson's cat enjoys some of the rabbit. Photo: Twitter
Pig's blood: Watain

One of the stranger fads of modern culture is how we have become obsessed with food – just look at all the cookery programmes, food porn supplements in newspapers, blogs dedicated to food, Twitter competitions about the best Sunday roast and, of course, we all know someone who insists on taking a photo of their dinner while they're in a restaurant.

But as the interest in food as a recreational sport continues to grow, we have become terribly squeamish about where that food actually comes from. Sure, we may have four or five dedicated cooking channels, proving that viewers suffer from the TV equivalent of Prader Willi Syndrome, but the average person knows less about what they eat than their grandparents did.

Supermarkets and the obnoxious trend of meat being presented in such a way that it looks like shrink wrapped, pink bubblegum are undoubtedly a large factor, but as society becomes more urbanised and removed from the land, understanding of what we eat has slumped to levels of unforgivable ignorance.

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