Opinion Ian O'Doherty

Sunday 18 March 2018

'Men – listen up, it's time we stopped apologising for being who we are...'

Unsexy: Rihanna's market is other women, not men
Unsexy: Rihanna's market is other women, not men

'I was shocked to read this in a column by Ian O'Doherty in your paper yesterday . . . Do you really think it's ok for a national newspaper to have this sort of misogynistic rant in one of its articles?"

Good God, I must have really overstepped the mark now.

Frankly, there are times I disgust even myself and I am reduced to pretending that the person responsible was 'Evil Ian'; my nasty twin brother who sometimes shows up to work, pretends to be me, behaves like a jerk and then writes something so foul that the little, harmless, real me must then try to defend.

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