Friday 23 March 2018

Ian O'Doherty: We're living in an age of four wheels bad, two wheels good . . .

Take One -- I'm out walking the pooches and when I get to the traffic lights, the three of us wait until the lights turn green. I've trained the dogs to wait until the buzzer goes and we set out into the road -- only to be nearly killed by an oncoming cyclist who doesn't think such trifles as traffic lights apply to her.

It would be bad enough if I had been hit, but if one of the dogs had been hurt I would, in all likelihood, have killed this woman. I shout at her -- she turns her head back towards me and tells me to f**k off before pedalling away, no doubt thinking that she was the victim in this exchange.

Take Two -- I'm in the back of a cab on Harold's Cross road. We're approaching the bridge, a notorious black spot and a place where a woman was killed on her bike by a truck two years ago. And then, alongside us, comes a cyclist -- with his arms folded across his chest. And he's wearing a pair of those totally stupid and pretentious giant headphones beloved by posers who think they're hipsters. They might work for Paul Oakenfold, but when you're cycling without any hands on the handlebars and about to approach a junction, they're simply dangerous.

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