Tuesday 20 February 2018

Ian O'Doherty: Well, he's right to complain

Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

Welcome to the world of Gerry James, a Harcourt Street resident who has taken righteous indignation to fantastic new levels.

James, of Pakistani descent, is demanding a public apology from TV3 after a guest on their unintentionally hilarious Midday programme -- think Loose Women, but with the production values and calibre of guest you would expect on an Albanian cable access show -- used the word 'golliwog'.

This immediately gave our hero a case of the vapours and he whined yesterday: "I have to deal with a lot of grief. I walk down the street and I get called the 'N' word, I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is hearing it on the TV in the middle of the day."

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