Sunday 21 January 2018

Ian O'Doherty: Really? You don't say?

Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

Hot on the heels of the new study that says people who are obsessed with the latest gadgets like the iPad are, basically, horrible little shits -- there was some scientific jargon in it, but that was the basic gist, trust me -- comes another survey which is hardly ground-breaking but certainly made my morning.

A Canadian report has concluded that people who use Facebook are guilty of "pervasive patterns of grandiosity, need for admiration, an exaggerated sense of self-importance and extreme narcissism," which is all a vain attempt to cover up their own self loathing.

It also points out that people who spend most of their time on Facebook do so because they don't have many real-life pals and therefore like to boost their self esteem by boasting about how many on-line 'friends' they have.

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