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Ian O'Doherty: One down, one to go...?

The sacking of Sky's Andy Gray -- Tweedle Dumber to Richard Keys's Tweedle Dumb -- for "unacceptable and offensive behaviour" shown to co-presenter Charlotte Jackson seems fair enough.

But some of the reaction to their off-air comments about women not knowing the offside rule is now threatening to enter the arena of complete madness.

On Sky News the other day we heard one female presenter say that Sky Sports was inherently sexist because it never has female pundits, obviously oblivious to the fact that all the pundits are ex-pros, so by their very definition they're going to be blokes.

And then Sky Sports made fools of themselves by refusing to make any mention of the scandal during Monday night's match. If they had used the excellent Claire Tomlinson to replace Richard Keys and let her make a joke about it now being a girls' night out, the whole thing would have gone away. Instead they just made it worse.

But there are positives to come out of this.

One reader got in touch yesterday to suggest a great drinking game: "Watch some telly or read a few newspapers and every time there are sexist comments targeted at men, take a swig. If the comments are 10 times worse than what was heard was heard on Sky, then take two."

It's an interesting idea but this man is obviously a misogynistic pig. After all, we all know that the little ladies would never be sexist towards men, don't we?

Oh God, too much, way too much

Porn serves many valuable functions. It keeps couples and individuals happy, it drives conservative types mad and, perhaps most importantly, it provides employment opportunities for the kind of people you know you would never want in your own workplace.

Now, readers of a certain generation may remember the time when smut went mainstream.

It was The Lovers' Guide, an 'educational' video that featured couples, frequently both wearing beards, doing the nasty to a dry voice-over by a sexpert.

It was all a complete con, of course, to allow respectable people to watch a bit of filthy nastiness without feeling that they were perverts.

And these days, with every single perversion imaginable -- and Lord knows, I've imagined plenty -- only the click of a mouse button away, you might think that The Lovers' Guide had had its day.

But you'd be wrong. In fact, The Lovers' Guide has gone all modern and the latest edition is in, if you can believe it, 3D.

Now, I don't care how much of an aficionado of muck you are, who on earth really wants to see something like that in bloody 3D?

Honestly, they could have your eye out.

The students are revolting ...

It's hard to have sympathy with many students at the best of times, and seeing as we're currently enduring what could be described as the worst of times, our sentiments towards them are rather less than benign.

And those feelings only became harder after the news that a bunch of Trinity and UCD students had behaved quite disgracefully while on a skiing trip to France.

These over-privileged, braying morons brought disgrace on the country with their behaviour.

Among the charming japes they got up to were daubing a swastika on a wall and, particularly irritating, a 'spend-off' between two former Blackrock College students which involved, according to University Times: "Throwing a Blackberry down a mountain; buying 10 pints and emptying them immediately; smoking a €50 note; using a €20 note as a cigarette lighter, and paying a barman €50 to tighten a pair of ski boots."

But the students aren't taking it lying down. One of them wrote an email to University Times threatening all sorts of legal horribleness if any names were mentioned -- without realising that his own name was at the top of the bloody email.

And then, footage turned up on YouTube with one of the future leaders of our nation proudly declaring that: "I'm just a stupid UCD c**t."

Well, nice to see at least one of them has a semblance of self-awareness.

Religious? Look away now ...

It's not often that I agree with the Pope, but you have to say he's bang-on with his criticism of social networking sites.

He says that they lead to social isolation and that the very notion of what being a 'friend' means has been eroded. So you can only imagine what he would make of a new book, Jesus On ThyFace.

With the tag-line "loggith in, signeth up it's the account of Jesus joining the first social network, ThyFace, 2,000 years ago", it is driving some Christians mad.

Written by Denise Haskew and Steve W Parker, it features the dedication from Jesus that: "I dedicate this book to my Father, without whom -- well, everything really."

My favourite fake post is one from Pontius Pilot: "Well, well, who would have thought the mob would vote to free Barabbas over their 'king of the Jews'. Still, that's the last we'll hear of Jesus."

Okay -- that's just bloody weird

A Canadian man is going on holidays with some interesting company -- six sex dolls.

Dave Hockey says his wife doesn't mind at all, adding: "My wife understands it's a hobby. She isn't threatened by the dolls."

Frankly, I would imagine that 'er indoors is just delighted that this guy is out of her hair for a while.

Couch potato

The words 'RTE' and 'Drama' are enough to send shivers down the spine of any reasonable person, but there's no doubt that the recently returned Raw bucks the trend. Set in a modern restaurant, it had the potential to be as cringe-worthy as The Big Bow Wow but, largely thanks to the performances put in by the great Charlene McKenna as the brilliantly feisty Jo-Jo, it is a genuinely enjoyable viewing experience.

Check it out on Sunday, RTE One after the news.

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