Monday 21 October 2019

Ian O'Doherty: 'Hysterical trans backlash is part of new 'pre-censorship' trend'

John Boyne
John Boyne
Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

So, another week and another celebrity decides to leave Twitter in a huff.

Irish writer John Boyne says he has been forced to drop his social media account after a backlash from the reliably hysterical transgender community. ahead of the publication of his latest book, My Brother's Name is Jessica. The activists say that it is guilty of misgendering trans people and they have accused him of being transphobic.

But the book hasn't been released yet and that's the crucial point to this farrago - even the people who were attacking him haven't actually read it.

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This is part of the latest trend of what could be called 'pre-censorship', where people become enraged by something they haven't even seen.

One trans activist slammed Boyne by saying "he's not trans, so he can't speak for our community".

Well, he wasn't in a concentration camp during the Holocaust, but that didn't stop him writing The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Boyne, a sensitive soul, seemed genuinely distressed by the deluge of negativity that rained down on his head, all of it coming from people who seemed to be thoroughly insane.

Most of us know at least one person who is transgender, and no rational person has a problem with someone simply trying to live the best life they can but the grim irony is that some of these men who would be women seem to display all the worst aspects of so-called toxic masculinity - physically attacking women who disagree with them, doxxing opponents, making vexatious police complaints and generally being the worst people in the room.

I look forward to reading the book.

If it ever gets published.

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