Saturday 16 December 2017

Ian O'Doherty: Ever get the feeling you've been had

It prides itself on shining the spotlight on other publications and their mistakes, but small-circulation magazine Phoenix must find it lonely on the high moral ground.

For those of you who have never read it -- which is many of you -- they have a section called The Hot Air Brigade which mocks pretentious journalists.

And, in the last issue they picked on writer Donald Clark for a movie review of The White Ribbon 3D which included the lines: "The proto-earthly intensity of the sub-Monostrovian narrative remains visibly, uncomfortably stratified. Val Kilmer's deranged turn as the austere Baptist preacher, whose unterdruckung of his own children precipitates violent juvenile anti-conformity, illustrates how easily, after passing through several vicious cycles, deep belief can mutate into militant pop nihilism."

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