Thursday 18 January 2018

How can the State be your marriage counsellor?

Bill: Theresa May. Photo credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Bill: Theresa May. Photo credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Joey Essex: A very undesirable alien

I am hardly alone in pointing out that obnoxious behaviour is not something that should be encouraged. I guess I'm a hard-liner on the issue...

It's really a no-brainer. But if you see you see someone being mistreated by their partner on the street, what would you do? Most of us say we would intervene, and that's certainly a level of basic civic responsibility we should all aspire towards.

But (and I say this as someone who once intervened in a domestic and nearly got battered by the pair of them), most of the time, people simply look the other way. Obviously, if you see someone being assaulted, then you have a moral duty to do something about it, even if that 'something' doesn't necessarily include physical intervention. If you see a couple arguing, the chances are you will be grateful your relationship isn't that toxic and you'll look the other way. There but for the grace of God, and all that.

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