Sunday 18 November 2018

Hey Ireland - God really hates you

Nope, this column is not referring to Stephen Ireland, the unfortunate footballer who has been on the receiving end of some extremely late tackles from the Irish media this week, but Ireland as in Ireland the country. You, me, all of us. Yup, we’ve been judged by God. And we have been found wanting. And it's all the fault of dem feckin' gay fellas.

This is the considered view of Reverend Fred Phelps, the infamous head of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas who likes nothing more than picketing the funerals of gay people and dead soldiers.

But he has found time to hate us as well. In fact, according to “Ireland has absolutely failed its duty to God. It has been wholly given over to the idea that it is okay to be a filthy fag.”

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