Monday 21 January 2019

First they came for... our toilets?

Unisex toilets
Unisex toilets
Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

The news that UCD is to redesignate 170 toilets on campus as 'gender neutral' has been greeted with widespread apathy and a shrug of the shoulders, which is surely a good thing.

After all, most restaurants now seem to use gender neutral toilets, and while I personally blame the awful Ally McBeal for introducing the idea of gender-neutral jacks, we should always look at things through the prism of the risk/benefit analysis.

In other words, some people will benefit psychologically from the new toilet arrangements and there is no real risk to anyone.

So, happy days then.

But not quite.

Even people who are fine with the idea of gender-neutral toilets can see the obvious potential problems posed by gender-neutral changing rooms.

The tenuous coalition between feminists and the transgender community is coming apart at the seams in the UK and it's fascinating.

Labour has in recent weeks confimed that it is happy to have men who identify as women to stand on the all-female shortlists it uses in some constituencies to boost female participation in politics.

The result of this action is that the so called terfs (transexclusionary radical feminists) are now in the unusual position of being accused of being oppressors, rather than being supported as victims.

They object to transwomen taking over their private political meetings.

And they particularly object to the idea of men who identify as women sharing the previously all-female swimming pond and changing areas on Hampstead Heath.

What makes the whole thing so fantastically amusing is that we have two groups who previously felt they had the monopoly on victimhood who find themselves now fighting over who is oppressing the other.

On this issue, I have to say, I side with feminists.

Women should be perfectly entitled to have their own private spaces.

As feminist author Julie Bindel, hardly a bastion of reactionary conservatism, says about the swimming pond: "This self-identification nonsense means there's nothing at all you can do if a person with a penis and a beard comes to the pool and starts getting his kit off - it's just mad."

Most of us know there's a big difference between someone born in the wrong body and the militant activists who make constant demands and scream 'transphobe' when they don't get their way.

When such a clash happens here, as it will, where will Katherine Zappone stand? She hailed the UCD decision as a "great day for equality".

Has she abandoned her feminist sisters? We demand to know!

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