Tuesday 23 January 2018

Equality's a two-way street, not a box of chocolates

Ernie and Bert
Ernie and Bert
Mean girl: Taylor Swift

They say you get more conservative as you get older. That may or may not be true, but if there's one thing alleged maturity is meant to bring, it's the ability to weigh an argument on its own merits and come to a conclusion without being hampered by emotional baggage. Or, as some would call it, prejudice.

That's why there are many of us out there who have always looked on the Gah with a suspicion bordering on contempt, yet we now find ourselves in the extremely uncomfortable position of supporting the culchies in the whole Garth Brooks FUBAR.

Yes, it obviously feels wrong on many levels. After all, when a proud Dub finds himself supporting the rights of that organisation to put on a five-day Garth Brooks jamboree (Bogstock, anyone?) over the rights of the denizens of Jones's Road to have a quiet night's sleep, you know you've just gone down a rather unexpected rabbit hole – one that has been closed entirely by the unelected brainaics who control our lives.

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