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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Enough to drive you to drink. Binge drink, that is

Barbara McCarthy won't be drinking this Christmas season
Barbara McCarthy won't be drinking this Christmas season

Have you been enjoying a beer or a glass of wine with the nice weather? After all, it's the summer, the football is on and everyone knows that the Irish like a drink in the sun. Or in the rain. Or in the snow. Or when the skies are grey.

Basically, we like a drink. And we all know too many people who like too much of it. But while there's not a family in Ireland who doesn't have at least one knock-down, dragged out, full blown alco in their midst, most people know how to enjoy a drink without their life crumbling down around their hapless, booze-sodden head. In fact, you might even have thought that restricting your consumption to a few pints at the weekend was fairly innocuous stuff. But you'd be wrong and languishing in a state of pathetic denial if that's the case.

The latest example of health professionals wagging their fingers and pursing their lips as the rest of the country enjoys a cold one on a hot day comes with the news that even supping a modest three pints per sitting is enough to be classed as a binge drinker.

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