Monday 18 December 2017

Dog poop - don't you just love it?

Innocent party: Name and shame the owners
Innocent party: Name and shame the owners
Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer

There really is nothing like it, is there? You find yourself out for a walk, merrily minding your own business and there it is – that sinking feeling, literally, as your foot treads on a big lump of dog poop.

First, there's the gross sensation of squishing into it. Then there's the second wave of nastiness, the smell that rises up to assail your nostrils as you stand on the pavement, grumbling and muttering as you try to use a leaf or some other woefully unsuitable device to clean the muck off the shoe. Before you know it, your relaxing stroll has descended into a shit-strewn farce; an exercise in pointless fury as you curse the insensitive, long-vanished miscreant who didn't want to disrupt their walk and who has, in the process, just ruined your day.

As cutbacks kick in and it emerges that just one person was fined for not cleaning up after their dog in the greater Dublin area this year, attention has once again turned to turds.

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