Monday 19 February 2018

Browne, a man of the people? Yeah, right

Journalist Vincent Browne
Journalist Vincent Browne

TV3 doesn't have a public service charter. But it does seem to have developed its own personal charter to gloat at the misfortunes of rivals. Which for some time is what you tend to get from what passes as current affairs on most nights on the commercial station.

That's probably why I and many others (according to the ratings) have switched off. Anyone who found themselves in the rather unfortunate position of watching Vincent Browne on Wednesday night would have been forgiven for thinking that the Irish media landscape is simply a smoking waste ground, piled with the corpses of bloated print hacks who simply could not cope with the new world.

Alongside Browne, his panel was discussing the future, or rather, as they would have it, the death of Irish newspapers. The worrying news this week about the TCH newspaper group hardly came as a surprise – after all, we've already had politicians forced to apologise for prematurely tweeting its demise. But as usual with Browne, there was a pathetically obvious and salacious leer as he discussed the potential road blocks and pitfalls the print newspaper industry faces.

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