Saturday 19 January 2019

Britain First are disgusting - and really stupid

Jayda Fransen giving the thumbs down outside Schengen
Jayda Fransen giving the thumbs down outside Schengen
Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

I was once accosted by a group of self-professed anarchists who started shrieking 'no speech for fascists' every time I opened my mouth.

I, not unreasonably, pointed out that if they thought I was fascist, they better wait to see what was coming down the pipe. After all, if someone expressing genuine concern for the way the West is going in terms of immigration and security is a fascist, then most of us, by that metric, are fascists.

When such immensely silly people run around, accusing everyone they disagree with as being the F word, what term is left to describe actual fascists, like, for instance, Britain First, the decidedly dodgy and reprehensible group of fringe-dwelling nutters who were retweeted by Trump the other day?

Yes, a group founded by former members of the BNP and the EDL who left those organisations because they were too moderate (Jesus wept), are now being retweeted by the President of the United States of America.

There can be little doubt that this was probably the most stupid thing Trump has done during his, ahem, eventful first year in office.

Not only does it give his critics even more ammunition, it has left his saner supporters tearing their hair out in frustration.

Apart from anything else, of the three Britain First videos he retweeted, one was entirely fake, and another was incorrectly captioned.

But we should also remember that groups like Britain First didn't emerge from a vacuum and are, in fact, the malodorous waste product of a culture of silence.

When people are constantly told that they can't have an opinion on certain matters, for fear of public condemnation or an early morning knock on the door by the cops, then such bottom feeders are always going to come to the fore.

One of the important points that has been lost in the last few days of febrile condemnation of the dangers these groups pose has been just how incredibly stupid they are.

Their leadership like to go to places like Schengen in Luxembourg and pose for pictures beside the sign of the town giving it a thumbs down (pictured above). What insightful political analysis!

Trump's unapologetic endorsement has just given them an entire oxygen tank of publicity and it is hardly a surprise that the Britain First leadership were thrilled with themselves.

This genuinely baffling decision, and his doubling down when he was criticised for the tweets, has left some of his supporters in an awkward spot.

But if they can't condemn him for making such an egregious error, they're no better than those Hillary-bots who would never accept that their idol had done anything wrong.

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