Saturday 16 December 2017

I try to no avail, I cannot cry, I fail (Anon)

Poet Rita Ann Higgins near her home in An Spideal, Co, Galway. Photo: Andrew Downes
Poet Rita Ann Higgins near her home in An Spideal, Co, Galway. Photo: Andrew Downes

Try as I may I have never quite got poetry. And I have always perceived this as a lack, a weakness, a gap in my intellectual or emotional life that raises the spectre that I might be a very shallow person.

I suspect it was my schooling that killed my appreciation of poetry. I could rattle off Tintern Abbey with the best of them and do well in the exams, but I hadn't connected with it at all. I remember reading some Yeats and thinking there was a beauty about it, and then I had the misfortune to hear a recording of him reading, or more declaiming, Inishfree, and that put me off for years. He was horrendous.

There were poems that could make me laugh. It could have been a poem by The Scaffold or the like. But I just thought of that as 'cleverality' rather than poetry. There was some progress when I heard Kathleen Watkins, who is the best performer of a poem that we have, recite Rita Ann Higgins. When I heard her do The Deserter I thought I was finally getting somewhere. The poet is furious with her recently deceased husband who has upped and died without having the decency to wear the shirts she had just washed and ironed for him. It is clever, funny and sad, but because of my destructive schooling I found it hard to think of it as 'real' poetry. I know this is my problem and that Rita Ann Higgins is a very fine poet indeed, and being funny should not be a minus.

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