Thursday 16 August 2018

Guest list is still open for my dream festival

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

When Bob Dylan talks, I listen. And when Bob sings about staying Forever Young I know he is onto something that matters to me. He has a few very good suggestions including having a 'joyful heart' and 'songs to be sung' to help you 'build your ladder to the stars'. But it still pains me at this time of year when I realise that I will never again be a twentysomething waking up in a tent after a great night of music, perhaps having consumed some mind-altering substances not all of which might be entirely legal, and maybe even after a night of passion with somebody I have just met and whose name I am in danger of getting wrong.

No. My Electric Picnic would be a ride on the Harley, enjoy some of the music, two 7 Ups, and back to the hotel before a glass of wine and a sound night's sleep.

Which is what got me to inventing the Wet Cell Battery Picnic for those of us who want to turn back time.

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