Saturday 24 February 2018

What now for Seanad and the egocentric windbags?

Voters gave the Seanad a reprieve
Voters gave the Seanad a reprieve

Gerard O'Regan

'Life can be so bloody unfair – and people can be so bloody ungrateful. You put yourself out on a limb knowing your head could be chopped off. But you still went ahead and did it, simply because you believed it was the right thing to do.

"There was nothing to be gained personally by having got involved in the whole damn thing. Yet those who would do you down scented blood. They went on and on, as to how it was a power grab on your part, and that you were up to no good. And then when it was all over – you realised you had got one hell of a wallop.''

Such imaginary musings may well reflect the private thoughts of Enda Kenny these past few days, as he licks his wounds, following the humiliating rejection of his bid to close down the Seanad.

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