Sunday 25 February 2018

Trump's on a messianic mission - but the reality of the job will wear him down in time

Steve Bannon with Donald Trump
Steve Bannon with Donald Trump

Gerard O'Regan

'The world is in trouble, but we're gonna sort it out," Donald Trump assured a carefully selected audience at the 'National Prayer Breakfast' this week. No problem on the planet is too much for the new man in the White House when he is on top of his game - and on this occasion he was clearly in ebullient mood.

It was really an opportunity for a bit of time out from what has been another helter-skelter few days in the life of the The Donald. At this stage, even his most vitriolic critics must admire his energy levels. However, the now trademark puffiness under the eyes has got more pronounced, and it looks like he's getting by on a minimum of sleep since hitting the Oval Office.

He has been careering from one mini crisis to another - and loving every minute of it. The mood has been frenetic, with a whirlwind of meetings, statements, ultimatums, and pronouncements, sometimes interspersed with threats, and on occasions a discernible air of menace. And all the while he has found time for his ubiquitous tweeting.

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