Thursday 14 December 2017

The inexorable rise of Sinn Fein makes the unthinkable FG/FF coalition a possibility

Timmy Dooley was Fianna Fail's director of elections
Timmy Dooley was Fianna Fail's director of elections

Gerard O'Regan

By name, nature and inclination, the Clare TD Timmy Dooley is vintage Fianna Fail. By name, nature and inclination, Ruth Coppinger is vintage new hard left. Ruth is also very typical of the weekend tsunami which engulfed, with such force and power, our political mainstream.

Rarely has the cultural chasm between the Dooleys and the Coppingers of this world been so palpable as when they both shared a television panel this week. It was yet another post-election post-mortem. Timmy who was a Director of Elections for his party looked slightly bewildered by all that had happened in so short a time.

While Fianna Fail had some electoral consolations at local level, his antenna would have told him a new dawn is on the political horizon. And what it may bring nobody really knows. For her part Ruth was showing little signs of elation following her historic win in that sprawling melting pot which is the Dublin West constituency. Her demeanour was decidedly grim. It was as if her success was but a microdot on the great left-wing revolution to come. Throughout the exchanges she remained decidedly dour - resisting any attempt at jocoseness.

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