Saturday 24 March 2018

Soaring house prices and the link with Michael Davitt and his Land League

March against property tax in Dublin last year
March against property tax in Dublin last year

Gerard O'Regan

FOR those anxious to buy a house - or for those prompted to try and sell one - the low-level mutterings and sometimes high-level hysteria continues.

Their worry is understandably all to do with price. Will the general move upwards continue? Have things peaked for the moment? Is now the time to make a move? Should they dither and delay, but perhaps regret their inaction later?

We are told endlessly that we are over-fixated on home ownership in Ireland. Why is it that - unlike the situation in countries like Germany - more people will not consider long-term renting, rather than concentrating almost everything on owning the roof over their head? Meanwhile, endless theories are put forward as to why our rates of house ownership continues to be among the highest in the world.

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