Sunday 18 February 2018

Ladies who lunch don't 'get' it, but Ming dynasty is on the way

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan
Luke 'Ming' Flanagan

SO what's gonna happen should Ming meet Merkel? They might well pass one another some day, purposefully striding through one of those long grandiose corridors in the EU inner sanctum. Will he go for it – seize the moment – and ask Angela just what is she at trying to stop Irish people cutting turf?

In slightly rarefied parts of Dublin, some of those so-called ladies who lunch say they find it difficult to really "get'' what Ming is all about. But in between the glasses of carefully chilled Chardonnay they need to wise up. All across Europe a galaxy of Mings is about to descend on Brussels and make life very difficult for power brokers such as the German Chancellor.

As Ming warned anybody who cared to listen before the election: "I'm sick and tired of dealing with the monkey. I want to go and deal with the organ grinder.''

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