Monday 19 March 2018

Labour should look to Gaelic games for political inspiration

Joan Burton
Joan Burton

Gerard O'Regan

Labour leader Joan Burton could do worse than peruse the sports pages of the newspapers these days - she just might stumble on an ideal game plan for the general election.

In any case, it would be a bit of a respite for her from all that doom-filled analysis suggesting the party is scheduled for a 'wipeout'' as soon as voters get a chance to cast judgement.

However, she will notice the world of sport has its own concerns, far removed from the travails of Leinster House. And one of the biggest sources of angst as of now, is what is termed "the blanket defence'' controversy. Some of the purists warn this is bringing Gaelic football to new levels of degradation. They are even more worried that, despite its awfulness as a spectacle, on occasions it's still a very effective way of winning matches.

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