Thursday 22 March 2018

Who says Enda doesn't give a damn?

Taoiseach turned the tables on Priory Hall residents after doing nothing for years, says Gene Kerrigan

It was callous and cynical, but purely as a piece of political theatre you had to admire Enda Kenny's performance last week. And it worked. The Taoiseach had behaved very badly. A man was dead. People were angry. How do you simply wipe all that away, pretend it didn't happen? In a moment, we'll go over the Taoiseach's performance, line by line. Watch and learn from a master.

First, the background.

All through the week, the news was of bankers and politicians. One after another, the bankers trooped in and the politicians asked them questions. They threw around figures of mortgages in trouble, of proceedings under way, of people suspected of "strategic default".

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