Opinion Gene Kerrigan

Sunday 19 November 2017

The hypocrisy of arrogant Alan Shatter's last stand

Shatter's pantomime, €70,000 'gesture' to sick children shows gall beyond compare

Alan Shatter
Alan Shatter
Illustration by Tom Halliday
Gene Kerrigan

Gene Kerrigan

Government policies are damaging people who already face dreadful challenges. Which is why Alan Shatter's little pantomime in front of Leinster House on Thursday was grotesque. It was understandable in human terms, but not acceptable on any terms.

This Government is inflicting hell on sick people and their families. Parents of children with leukaemia are given to understand that it's in the best interests of the country that they lose their medical card and all that goes with it. The Government forces people who face immense stress to take time out of their troubled lives to explain, to argue, to plead.

Such treatment of anyone is wrong. To do it to people who are already stressed from dealing with serious illness – whether their own or the illness of a loved one – is cruel. Mr Shatter's little media game filled a need in his life, but it cut too close to a sick reality created by the Government in which he was proud to serve.

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