Thursday 22 February 2018

Sure, not to worry, it's just a bit of a row

Last week, we saw that the political pantomime is always here with us. Oh, yes it is.

Illustration by Tom Halliday
Illustration by Tom Halliday
Gene Kerrigan

Gene Kerrigan

You will not be at all surprised to hear that there was a bit of a row in the Dail last week. Sure, isn't that what the Dail is for, says you. Not just real rows, but bits of rows.

We love our moments of political theatre. The players strut and fret and tell each other to get up the yard - sure, it's great crack.

These bits of rows are - in more ways than one - like the annual Christmas pantomime. In panto, there's a limited range of stories (Cinderella, Aladdin, Jack and his Beanstalk, etc), but an infinite number of productions can be mounted around them.

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