Friday 23 February 2018

Snatching defeat from the jaws of defeat

Enda stands up for the bondholders and puts Magdalene women in their place. What a guy, writes Gene Kerrigan

In all fairness, you've got to admire Enda Kenny. When it comes to bankers, bondholders and "our external partners" in the EU, he might be a bit of a crawler. But he sure as hell stood up to those Magdalene Laundry women. No apology, no compensation – my God, ladies, do you think we're made of money?

In the face of the horrors inflicted on those people, Enda didn't flinch. He reminded them that the old Ireland was a harsh place. Life was no bed of roses for anyone. But if the State was to admit liability because it bowed and scraped to the bishops while Ireland's cast-off citizens were subjected to slave labour, well, this Government isn't going to squander the taxpayers' money willy-nilly.

Enda might be piling insult onto the injury done to the women but that's just because he wants to protect the public purse. We can't afford to pay these women the wages stolen from them, the pensions denied them – we'd have to borrow that money.

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