Thursday 14 December 2017

Shatter has finally lost touch with reality

Minister shows his contempt for Dail by refusing to provide crucial information, writes Gene Kerrigan

Sunday Independent illustration.
Sunday Independent illustration.
Gene Kerrigan

Gene Kerrigan

The focus last week was mostly on the Garda Commissioner, Martin "Disgusting" Callinan. As a result, a couple of startling moments slipped by almost unnoticed. One involved Enda Kenny – and no, it wasn't the Taoiseach fundraising in Washington for an American right-winger.

The other startling moment involved Alan Shatter. And this latter moment raises a question. Has Alan finally, as the poet almost put it, slipped the surly bonds of reality and touched the face of madness?

The startling moment involving the Taoiseach came when he tried to put Leo Varadkar back in his box. Leo and Simon Coveney are the two youngsters of this Government – in a Cabinet of exceptionally jaded cynics. Born when they were, with their backgrounds, it was inevitable that Varadkar and Coveney would end up with heads full of Ronald Reagan fantasies about smart markets and dumb regulation.

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