Friday 24 November 2017

Pro-lifers devalue the life they treasure

We cherish life so much that the wishes of a pregnant woman count for nothing.

Gene Kerrigan

Gene Kerrigan

The 'pro-life' groups – they stand head and shoulders above the rest of us. And that's because they cherish life. We know they cherish life because they tell us so. All the time. And the fact that they cherish life makes them morally superior to the rest of us. So, naturally, their views matter more to politicians than the views of those of us who – in the eyes of some – don't cherish life quite as much.

Last week, two leading 'pro-life' individuals stood out amid the roaring and the shouting of the abortion debate: Peter Mathews, Fine Gael TD, and Dr Berry Kiely, medical adviser to one of the 'pro-life' groups.

These two people, Mathews and Kiely, lack the slyness and the polish of some within the 'pro-life' culture. They are honest – they can't help but say what they mean. And last week they said frankly what it means to cherish life. In a moment, we will come to that.

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