Wednesday 15 August 2018

Kenny bows down before his masters

There is no unifying 'we' – it's them and us, a class divide, and we're being screwed, writes Gene Kerrigan

LAST week, Enda Kenny effectively quit as Taoiseach. When the Anglo recordings surfaced and the giggles of gobshite Irish bankers reverberated across Europe, his duty as Taoiseach was clear. Instead, Mr Kenny instinctively acted not as Taoiseach, but as leader of Fine Gael. And as leader of the party that has for two years systematically depressed the economy on instructions from Frankfurt, his response was automatic. He bowed towards the Germans and attacked Fianna Fail.

Now, some of us have no problem with sticking it to Fianna Fail. We were questioning the bank guarantee even as Mr Kenny and his party lined up to support it. But there were bigger things at stake last week than the petty rivalries of two of the parties that have made this country what it is today.

Bigger things at stake, too, than an inquiry into the banking collapse. Everyone wants an inquiry – and it's important that we know exactly what happened – but if those Anglo recordings tell us anything, they tell us we're under attack. And – very late in the day – we need to begin defending ourselves.

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