Saturday 20 October 2018

How much more of this can we take?

Dodging decisions, coddling the rich, Enda seeks his rightful place in history, writes Gene Kerrigan

illustration by Tom Halliday
illustration by Tom Halliday
Gene Kerrigan

Gene Kerrigan

You'd almost feel sorry for Enda Kenny. There he is, securing his place in the history of this great little nation, and right in front of him Fine Gael is interviewing candidates for his job.

He's on the phone to Angela Merkel and in come Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney, measuring the office curtains and arguing about which of them gets to choose the new carpet.

"Don't mind us, Taoiseach, we'll be out of your hair in a minute", and they trying to keep the chuckles out of their voices.

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