Sunday 25 February 2018

Getting us to take one for their team

The elite are delighted the ordinary people of Ireland are suffering on their behalf, writes Gene Kerrigan

WELL done, people of Ireland. You no doubt felt a rush of pride last week, as Europe's movers and shakers sang your praises. Bloomberg Television – the business channel with a global reach of 310 million homes – featured our Minister for Finance Michael Noonan. The programme on which Noonan appeared is called The Pulse – because that's where its presenters (Francine Lacqua and Guy Johnson) supposedly have their fingers.

Not your pulse, of course. The pulse of the people who matter. Bloomberg is business-friendly to an embarrassing degree. Self-described entrepreneurs who know slightly less than my cat knows about economic matters are encouraged to spout shamelessly about fiscal responsibility.

Michael Noonan wasn't terribly stretched by the Bloomberg interrogation. Did he worry, Francine wanted to know, that Europe's recent poor economic performance might hold back the thriving economic entity that is Ireland?

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