Monday 19 March 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Transfer of power now truly complete

The policies imposed on the last coalition will continue into the foreseeable future, says Gene Kerrigan

Welcome to Occupied Ireland. We haven't been invaded, there was no siege, but after last Thursday I trust the governing arrangements are crystal clear?

In recent weeks it wasn't just the banks that were stress tested -- the robustness of our democratic structures were assessed. And we saw the result. We are free to vote for a government, but it's a puppet government, a Vichy regime.

The power lies with a handful of unelected EU mandarins, and the proconsuls they appoint to look after the details. The policies imposed on the late unlamented Biffo administration will continue -- protect the bondholders, protect the euro, try to make up the difference by cutting services, wages and jobs. The jargon we must use to describe our rulers has been specified: "Our External Partners".

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