Wednesday 21 March 2018

Gene Kerrigan: The State wagons form a perfect circle

Farmleigh proved the elite will cling to their privileges regardless of what it costs us, writes Gene Kerrigan

Last week, the public had one of its periodic eruptions of indignation. The procession of State cars entering Farmleigh mansion briefly ignited some disquiet, then -- like a cheap firework -- it fizzled out.

Day in, day out, the establishment is at work -- the politicians, the consultants and advisers, the academics, the house-trained economists, the mouthpieces of the wealthy and their media cheerleaders. We gaze at the mess they've made, angry but stunned.

They're cashing in our children's futures and using the money to pay off the gambling debts of Sean FitzPatrick and all the rest of the gobshites. And we seethe in silence.

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