Tuesday 20 February 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Suddenly, everyone favours 'growth'

The music's stopped but Enda is still dancing to the same old austerity tune, writes Gene Kerrigan

This is embarrassing on so many levels. Enda Kenny was revving up to full speed, poised to ram through his fiscal treaty referendum. Angela Merkel was happy.

Greece was all squared away, bullied by EU bureaucrats and sneered at by Michael Noonan. Whatever Angela said, she could be sure that Little Nicky Sarko was standing a yard behind her, nodding enthusiastically. And, in Germany, ratifying Frau Merkel's fiscal treaty was routine.

Now, a week later -- well, it's embarrassing. For Enda, for Angela, for Little Nicky Disappearo. And, frankly, on a personal level, I find the latest turn of events to be mortifying. Suddenly, austerity is questioned and right across Europe everyone's into "growth".

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