Friday 20 April 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Sneering passes for policy these days

Slagging off ordinary Greeks who work damn hard doesn't make any sense, writes Gene Kerrigan

Those lazy Greeks, eh? Oh, boy, the trouble they've caused for the rest of us -- being so lazy. And greedy. And Greek. They're even lazier than the Irish. And greedier. And Greekier. Did you know that, according to OECD statistics, the average lazy Greek works a mere 42.5 hours a week?

The average industrious German, on the other hand, works a whopping 35.7 hours a week. So, you see how the lazy Greeks have let us down? You see how the indolent hoors threaten us all with "contagion"? If it wasn't for the generous bailouts from the Germans and the French and the kindly Brits, sure we'd all be banjaxed, right?

Okay, you've got me. Slagging the Greeks doesn't make sense. The OECD figures show that the Greeks work longer hours than the Germans. The Germans race ahead on productivity, due to technology and historic accumulation and development -- but the ordinary Greeks work damn hard. In fact, the OECD figures have the Greeks working the second longest hours, after the Koreans.

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