Thursday 22 February 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Rich have been left alone for too long

Don't hit our students and pensioners, let the wealthy take some of the pain this time, writes Gene Kerrigan

Have you ever seen one of those nice but slightly unhinged young people who turn up on YouTube from time to time, defending some celebrity or other? The most famous is Chris Crocker's "Leave Britney Aloooooone!", but you can see them sticking up for other favourites in trouble.

Teary-eyed, face flushed, looking straight into the camera, they bubble up towards hysteria and beyond, but their sincerity is undeniable. They have grown up in a world in which celebrities are part of the landscape, as real and as loved as their cat or dog. To see an idol being monstered by the media is like seeing Rover being kicked in the ribs.

Any day now, Brian Hayes TD, our Minister for Attacking Pensioners, is expected to make his own video, for the Fine Gael website, in which he will explode in unrestrained defence of the rich. Teary-eyed, face flushed, looking straight into the camera, he will bubble up towards hysteria and beyond -- "Leave the rich aloooooone!"

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